Apple wins against Motorola in Germany over rubber banding patentIf you thought that maybe Apple’s victory over Samsung in the US was the first step towards the end of the patent war, you would be wrong as that was merely a battle victory as the war is far from over. Over in Germany, it seems that Apple has managed to win a rather substantial victory against Motorola where the Munich I Regional Court awarded Apple an injunction against a variety of Motorola devices that allegedly infringed upon the “rubber banding” patent. In case the name wasn’t obvious enough, this “rubber banding” patent refers to an animation that bounces back when reaching the top or bottom of a list (if you own an iOS device, you should give it a go if you don’t know what we’re referring to). Of course we expect Motorola to appeal this injunction, but for now it looks like Apple has the upper hand. If you’d like to see how this one plays out, be sure to check back with us at a later date where hopefully we will have more information to share.

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