BASIC pocket PC is Ben Heck’s latest modding effort

Modding guru Ben Heck has had his fair share of hits in the past (with very few, or no misses at all) and we are pleased to note that he has yet to hang up his modding gloves to date. Hopefully he will never stop, and his latest project would be this BASIC pocket computer that you see above (image from Engadget), where this particular device will requires parts from a menagerie of devices, including the Chatpad from an Xbox 360 controller, an Arduino Uno and a LCD display (he uses a Hitachi HD 44780 for example, and I suppose one would be hard pressed to go wrong if you stick to the very same digital “ingredients”).

The whole idea of this BASIC pocket PC is not to roll back the clock and induce a thin mist across the eyes of all you older modders out there, but rather, for you to use a relic from the past and control real world objects in the modern context. What other kinds of modern day magic do you think Ben Heck will conjure in the future?

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