Normally, one would associate the “Appear Offline” status to be confined to the realm of instant messengers, but here we are with word that gamers on World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III will soon be able to have the choice of selecting “Appear Offline” as part of one’s social-status options, keeping Available, Busy, and Away company. It does make us pause and wonder for a moment – why didn’t Blizzard think of this right from the very beginning? Perhaps they did but haven’t figured it out, or it was totally overlooked – no matter, “Appear Offline” will soon arrive, where you can go ahead and do your own thing on one of the above mentioned games in complete radio silence without having your Real ID friends, BattleTag friends, and character-level friends to interrupt your personal quiet time.

After all, you will be seen as “Offline” in your friends’ list even though you are logged into a game.Expect the “Appear Offline” status to arrive at different times for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III, simply because it will be included in future updates for individual games.

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