As some of you guys have probably surmised by now, BBM to RIM is probably one of the key features that sets their products apart from the competition, so much so that despite it being an acronym for Blackberry Messenger, it has been inducted into the Collins English Dictionary. This is why we are interested to see how Blackberry 10 will handle BBM and if there will be more functionality added to the popular messaging service to keep it up to date with RIM’s latest Blackberry 10 operating system.

For Blackberry loyalists out there, it seems that BBM will be making its way onto the Dev Alpha handset later this month. Spell-check is one of the features that users can expect in the final version and this update to the Dev Alpha handset will allow developers to start creating BBM-connected apps or games. We’re not sure what sort of cool ideas developers will be able to come up with for BBM integration, but it will be most interesting to see how this turns out. So, who’s looking forward to getting their hands on Blackberry 10 devices next year?

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