One of the defining features of Blackberry phones would be its full QWERTY keyboard, a feature which (thankfully for some) will be introduced in upcoming Blackberry 10 devices as well and is expected to be part of the Blackberry 10 N-series. The L-series will be a full touchscreen experience while the N-series will have its trademark QWERTY keyboard. Either way thanks to an uploaded video (which has since been removed, but not before screenshots were grabbed), it looks like we now have an idea of what RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 N-series handsets might look like.

There is the possibility that the device in the screenshots could merely be a placeholder, but given that the L-series pictured next to it does resemble the leaked photos, there is a chance that the N-series pictured in the screenshots could also be the real thing, or at least close to the final design. While we haven’t seen the video ourselves, those who did speculate that it was a video created for internal use and probably used as marketing pitches. The screens appear to have been photoshopped onto the N-series so it’s not the most accurate depiction, but we hope you get the idea. If anything we have to admit that it resembles the Blackberry Bold 9900 so for those hoping for something new, you could be disappointed. If you’d like to see the rest of the screenshots, head on over to Crackberry (source link below) for the pictures.

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