When Blizzard released patch 5.0.4 for World of Warcraft, there were a couple of bugs with the release and a quick search will bring up multiple forum threads where users have noticed a sharp decline in their FPS despite running pretty good hardware. This was an issue that affected my game as well and the good news is that Blizzard has since released patch 5.0.5 which has brought about some bug fixes to the game. While it was not mentioned in the patch notes, I can attest to the fact that my FPS issues in the game have since been resolved and I have no problems running on Ultra settings (I had to turn it down to “Good” after 5.0.4). Either way if you want to see the changes that were introduced in 5.0.5, head on over to the World of Warcraft blog in the source link below for the details. In the meantime has patch 5.0.5 resolved the FPS issues that players had with 5.0.4?

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