Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to afford Business or First Class seats on an airplane, but assuming you are one of the elite few who can (or your company does not mind lavishing that kind of money on you), then you might be interested in this bit of news: apparently engineers have managed to develop climate control seats for use in airlines. I know, the temperature in the plane is regulated by a central control, so you cannot determine just how cold or warm your personal space is. Luxury cars have already included climate control in their air conditioning systems for quite some years already, so it is nice to see this idea take to the skies literally.

Trust German scientists to come up with this before anyone else, although the climate control airplane seat still remains in its prototype phase, meaning there is still plenty of work to be done before we start to see airlines offer these as part of their attraction. No idea on how much the cost retrofitting existing aircraft will be, but folks who are on long distance flights will definitely appreciate these, otherwise you might just need to stick to asking for an extra blanket (or two). It does seem to not make sense for economy class seats to carry such a climate control system since those are already so crammed in the first place.

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