The avalanche has begun within the same day itself where the iPhone 5 was announced, third party manufacturers must have had embargos on iPhone 5 accessories lifted, hence the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver being revealed to the world. So what if the new iPhone 5 has a different Lightning connector? There is no need to let the next dock you purchase work with just certain iPhones, as with the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver, the name itself gives the game away; Bluetooth connectivity is thrown into the mix so that you need not worry about cables and what not.

Basically, the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver will fit onto most iPhone docking stations, transforming it into a Bluetooth dock under the “plug, pair and play” mantra. Since it has no need for batteries or charging, it is another hassle-free device you might want to tote with you on your travels. Just in case your mobile device lacks Bluetooth connectivity, you can always fall back on the good old 30-pin connector. The CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver can be purchased off from Amazon for $39.99 a pop. Any takers?

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