The iPhone 5’s announcement yesterday did prove to be rather underwhelming for some, where one of the updates include Apple’s Maps, which is Cupertino’s new proprietary mapping and navigation app that will make sure that iPhone users will not miss Google Maps on iOS too much. In conjunction with the iPhone 5’s 4” display, CoPilot Live has been specially optimized for the taller display for an incredible widescreen navigation experience. Just in case anyone missed the memo, CoPilot Live has been integrated with Apple’s Maps in iOS 6. If you are a CoPilot Live user, you can find and select a location on Apple’s Maps, followed by using CoPilot’s offline, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS guidance to arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Similar to the rest of CoPilot apps, maps will be stashed away on the phone so that you can always refer to it whenever you are lost without having to have another worry at the back of your mind to find a Wi-Fi hotspot or head to a place with 3G or LTE connectivity. Do expect CoPilot’s latest effort that is iPhone 5 compatible to come in the form of a free app in due time.

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