A number of publications have recently highlighted the issue of an increase in the number of thefts of Apple products. From iPhones to iPads, thieves seem to have taken a liking to Apple’s cool gadgets, mugging people ever so often. In fact, it was recently reported that Apple iPhone/iPad thefts have risen by a whopping 40 percent in New York alone.

While that remains the state of affairs, one does often end up catching a glimpse of an actual iTheft happening. An incident has now come to light about the thieves going bonkers on the roads of San Francisco over a single iPad tablet.

Apparently, the thieves were ‘wise’ enough to mug a lady of her iPad backpack while she was walking along the street. Since this was being done at a pretty busy street, the local police chief received dozens of calls from live witnesses.

Once the thieves had the backpack, the drove away rather madly, slamming into a minivan on the way and injuring multiple personnel in an attempt to simply get away. However, San Francisco’s topography is said to be quite unfriendly for those trying to attempt escaping from police chases. So the thieves soon ended up being caught and booked by the police – all that trouble, not only for themselves but for many others too, solely for a single Apple tablet.

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