There is a fair number of Diablo 3 gamers who have gotten bored of the game, with someone actually maxing out the recent Paragon Levels, so what’s next to keep folks interested in the title? How about Player vs Player (PVP)? It seems that some Diablo fanatics did pick up a hidden addition within the latest patch that comes in the form of a button which will just light up but does not do anything, although the kicker when said button is active is to lead folks to the Public Test Realm and enjoy some insane PvP bouts. This is where the kids gloves are taken off, and you can for once be proud of the gear you wear as you vanquish your opponent(s), in addition to tweaking your armory to make sure that you have the most well balanced character out there.


Blizzard had this to say concerning PvP, “We’re going full steam ahead on the PvP patch, which will also include a number of game changes unrelated to PvP, and we look forward to sharing more about that as we get closer to opening up a PTR, where you’ll be able to test out our changes — and enjoy mercilessly slaughtering one another.”

Are you looking forward to PvP in Diablo 3 in the future?

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