Data storage and safety is of paramount importance in today’s data-driven world. However, the conventional methods tend to fail in delivering data security, more often than not. ioSafe’s new N2 disaster-proof private cloud caters to this precise need.

The disaster-proof cloud comes with a whole lot of security features. It is fireproof as well as water-proof and ioSafe touts it as ‘an aircraft black box for your data.’ 

The problem with the virtual clouds offering storage services is that there is only so much data you can store in them. When your data is in terabytes, it becomes highly feasible to store it on virtual clouds online since it will take you months to upload the data and will cost you a huge sum.

ioSafe N2, on the other hand, envisions a private cloud that you can store all your data on. It would be an ultra-secure cloud that you can then access through a whole host of devices such as smartphones and tablets. At the heart of its equipment is a multi-drive NAS/RAID storage device which can hold terabytes of your data.

For now, the device is still in production. It will be released in January 2013 and will be compliant across multiple networks such as PC, Mac, Linux as well as smartphones. The video posted below provides a glimpse at an actual, working prototype of the ioSafe N2.

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