Handheld cameras are often preferred over standard video cameras when capturing videos. This is because they offer a certain amount of ease and mobility due to their smaller and lighter size. Building on this concept, a designer, Christopher Terella has come up with the cool idea of an ‘ultimate action cam.’

The camera is being called ‘E-Clips video camera’ and is termed an action cam simply because its design makes it very easy to carry about, not only in your hand but also when you are on the go. For instance, you can easily hitch up the camera to your bike if you wish to capture a video while biking. 

The camera comes with a digital wristband which provides you with ‘wireless recording options.’ This essentially refers to the bluetooth remote that is embedded in the wristband. It has been “designed for the action sports enthusiast who wants to capture the fun but also participate.”

It includes features such as 1080 HD video capabilities, USB connection and a downloadable app. It also comes with a unique E-clips mounting system which lets you attach the camera quickly, and securely, to a mount.

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