Are you a fan of the Evangelion series – story, characters and all? If you have answered in the affirmative, then here is a wee bit of news that might just capture your attention. Known as the Evangelion humidifier (no prizes for guessing just what this puppy is able to churn out), it does roll back the years and return you to memories of the scene where the Nerv building is destroyed by the Third Children using Eva 01. The humidifier works great behind the scenes, as it actually relies on the steam that rises up to throw in a touch of realism in this classic Evangelion scene.

Not only will your skin get enough moisture when you sleep at night while leaving the Evangelion humidifier on, there is also a combination of lights located right around the base which offers some light in pitch black darkness, while the tip can be used as a simple nightlight to fend off monsters underneath the bed. The Evangelion humidifier seems slated for a November release, with a price tag that ought to hover around the $200 after conversion.

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