One of the most widely-used and commercially successful motion-sensing pieces of hardware has been Microsoft’s Kinect. Microsoft bundled it up with its Xbox game console and since then, Kinect has been flying right off the shelves. However, until now, we haven’t seen a viable motion-detecting technology which can be commonly used with smartphones and tablets.

EyeSight gesture control intends to change this. The best part about this technology is that it doesn’t require any modifications to the hardware of a smartphone or a tablet. All it requires is that the device must be equipped with a camera.

Essentially, eyeSight relies on simply a few lines of code which could spring the camera to motion-sensing. In other words, if the technology is eventually created in the form of an app, you will simply need to download the app and your smartphone or tablet will be able to sense your movements.

So far, it has been tested on both iPhone and Korea-specific Pantech devices. According to reports, eyeSight is able to discern the motion as accurately and swiftly as Kinect. If that indeed turns out to be viable for a large range of smartphones and tablets, it can be a revolutionary break-through.

For now, the technology supports gestures such as holding up a finger to use cursor, making a fist to stop motion control of the UI as well as the ability to launch apps full screen by making a pinching gesture. The creators of the technology promise that they are working on equipping it with more motion gestures.

Image Courtesy: Pocket-lint

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