Who would have thought that something like a social network could eventually end up with a bug? Sure, Facebook had some sort of snafu in recent memory, and perhaps here is another red-faced moment for the social networking giant. It seems that a Facebook bug has appeared, where once you have blocked a particular person on Facebook, he or she is unable to see whatever content you’ve posted on the social network – and this includes posts that you have made to their own wall. Sounds simple enough in theory, and it did make us wonder what took the world so long to discover such a “bug”.

I guess you cannot really call it a bug per se, but rather, this is working around the rules of the game. Basically, the only way either party is able to view the post again is this – the block must be removed. This could be a particular touchy issue, assuming someone has a photo or other incriminating evidence against someone else, or just someone who wants to flat out act maliciously towards their “target”.

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