When Apple released iPhone 5 with the option of using FaceTime over cellular networks, iPhone users were rejoiced. They finally didn’t have to limit their FaceTime calls to WiFi connectivity and could finally make them truly on the go. But AT&T cut this glee short when it announced that it wouldn’t allow such users to make FaceTime calls who wouldn’t subscribe to its Mobile Share Plans.

Naturally, the decision attracted the ire of the users as well as a number of public interests organizations. One such organization, Free Press, lodged a formal complaint with FCC over AT&T’s FaceTime blockage.

It now seems that FCC may soon launch an investigation into the matter. The matter is of great significance since it can set a precedent for the telecom industry. In a recent interview, FCC Chairman said that if the matter is not resolved amicably, FCC will abide by its responsibilities and act.

This essentially indicates that FCC hasn’t yet decided to ‘act’ which may mean that it is already in talks with AT&T over the whole episode and is trying to come to common terms with the telecom giant. If that doesn’t pan out well, we can expect formal investigations to be launched by FCC.

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