First iPhone 5 unboxing shows a new bonus extra

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iPhone retail packaging

We’re in the thick of iPhone anticipation season, with over 2 million people waiting for their devices to arrive and other crazies already lining up at Apple stores. We’ve seen the device at Apple’s press conference, but we haven’t had a chance to see the device unboxed. Apple’s packaging is always carefully considered and well-designed, and the iPhone 5’s box is no different. There’s everything you’d expect in the box, including a charger, a Lightning cable, and Apple’s new Earpod headphones. There’s also a surprising new addition of a travel case for the Earpods, which will certainly be appreciated by everyone who is used to tangled white cords. All the components are neatly fit into the packaging, and there’s a big photo of the iPhone on the front.

Like the iPhone 5 itself, this version of the packaging seems iterative. There hasn’t been much of a change from previous generations, except that the box is longer, and the product itself sold out faster. People who have been watching Apple packaging leaks will find the design boring, but it still is an excellent overall gadget box, one year more refined.

Images courtesy BGR

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