According to Freedom House, they have ranked Estonia as the world’s number one in terms of Freedom for the Net. Now, this is not a particular achievement that happened for the first time this year, but rather, for the third year in a row, Estonia picked up the gong for being the world’s number one country for Internet and digital media freedom.

NGO Freedom House (@FreedomHouseDC) conducted their third in a series of a comprehensive studies of Internet freedom in 47 countries worldwide, ranking them using various criteria such as Obstacles to Access, Limits on Content, and Violation of User Rights. It does seem as though Estonia has a blueprint that many other countries could use to follow if they want to climb up the rankings, but I believe that North Korea and Iran would be pretty happy being right smack at the bottom of the list. Hey, if you are going to block YouTube, Google and Gmail, there should not be any reason for even a consideration on this particular list. Will there be other countries that aspire to knock Estonia off their pedestal next year? We will be watching closely.

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