Students will definitely perk up and sit straight upon hearing that Fujitsu will be working on a project that will create artificial intelligence that hopefully, will be able to ace college entrance exams. At least, we are looking at the math segment at one of Japan’s top universities. Eventually, the final goal of Fujitsu’s research division is to create software by the year 2021 which is capable of completing the exact same math test which teenagers sit for when applying to enter Tokyo University, one of the country’s higher institutions of learning that is “famous” for its grueling entrance requirements.

The project will first need to process text and formulas which are meant for our eyes instead of computers, take those math problems and convert them into a way that computers can understand. I think that once that is accomplished, the hard part is over, since computers are amazingly great at math with the amount of computing power at their disposal.

Fujitsu mentioned, “Each of these steps still poses major theoretical and practical problems, and for each one, the solution will involve an appropriate combination of various technologies.” Well, what other kinds of practical applications can you think of for Fujitsu to churn out such a computer?

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