A piece of software can be considered to be a pseudo-living thing with the number of updates released for it. Having said that, Google Drive is definitely not a static, end-of-the-road software or app. In fact, Google has just released updates for the iOS and Android versions of Google Drive, and for iOS users of Google Drive, you can now edit Google documents in the same vein as that of the Android app, right from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. It does not matter if you want to create a new document, edit a current one or simply format the text and throw in a few bold phrases here and there. Similar to working from your computer, you are able to view other people’s edits instantly the moment they are made. .

Other improvements made to the iOS Drive app include the ability to view Google presentations on your iPhone or iPad, ranging from speaker notes to full-screen mode as well as the ability to swipe between slides. Apart from that, you are able to create new folders, move files into folders and upload photos, videos and other items from your device straight to the Drive app.

Android users will now be able to add comments, reply to current comments and view tables in your Google documents. Not only that, you are able to view presentations and organize your stuff as mentioned earlier for iPhone users.

Future updates to Google Drive include native editing and real-time collaboration for Google spreadsheets, are you stoked yet?

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