Entrepreneurship has typically prospered immensely in recent years, thanks to a whole host of tools and technologies that can help launch ideas into stardom. With websites like Kickstarter actively helping extra-ordinary ideas in crowdsourcing funds, all you need is a really good idea and the ability to materialize it, in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

On its 14th birthday, Google has launched a new venture called ‘Google for Entrepreneurs.’ In the post announcing this, Google states that there are about 40 million entrepreneurs across 54 countries right now. The new venture has been launched to celebrate the creative spirit that goes into their efforts.

Google already has been collaborating with entrepreneurs in a number of countries and has helped a number of regional organizations to support budding startups. So essentially, ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ is simply an umbrella that will be used by the company to organize all its relevant activities and projects.

The company also plans to use the platform to bring relevant tools directly to the entrepreneurs. The launch of this platform coincides with ‘Google for Entrepreneurs Week’ which is being hosted by Google and comprises of 3,000 entrepreneurs and Google employees from around the globe. You can visit the official ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ page right here.

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