We talked about how Google’s Project Glass saw action at Fashion Week a few days ago, and here we are with additional information on Google Glass. What you see above is the very first short film that was recorded using Google Glass, and as you can see for yourself, the results do seem to be rather impressive – at least more than what some folks would have expected. Back in June at Google I/O, the video feedback, while exciting with plenty of different stuntmen working together to deliver the Google Glass to the stage, there was not much to ogle at in terms of video quality.

The short film above that is called “DVF Through Glass” do seem to show quite the improvement, where images are more stable, not to mention having a higher level of image quality. There are moments when some of the heavily edited footage do seem to indicate being recorded by traditional cameras, Google claims otherwise, saying that the entire footage was captured on Google Glass and Google Glass alone. Hopefully they won’t pull a Nokia on the world!

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