Hmmm, it seems as though a figurative game of Pong is being played where Google Maps on Apple devices are concerned. First, we heard that the Google Maps app has yet to be submitted to Apple for approval, while shortly later in the morning, there was word that Google will not be developing Google Maps for iOS 6. Right before we call it a day, here we are with word that Google Maps will eventually arrive on the iPhone and iPad, where the entire process will take another two months at the very least.

It seems as though Google is working on a maps application for the iPhone and iPad, keeping their fingers crossed that everything will be done and completed before the year is over. This does seem to be in stark contrast to what we heard earlier this morning, so it will definitely be interesting to see what there is in store for iOS 6 users who pine for the good old days when Google Maps was on the iPhone. Seems to be a love-hate relationship going on here, is it not?

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