Google Wallet was officially launched last year, and word has it that prepaid cards for Google Wallet has been discontinued. This means early adopters who reside outside of the US will be affected, as they no longer have any means to increase the amount of funds to the app. The effect is not immediate, as the entire process will take place over the next few months. This was done as payment card information has been moved from the device to Google’s cloud, so that customers are able to use just about any credit or debit card. When you compare that to the previous iteration, the Google Wallet app could only support Citi’s MasterCard and Google’s own prepaid cards.

For those living outside of the US, you have until October 17th of this year to spend your remaining balance. Once the calendar hits October 18th, the cards will disappear from the app completely, so whatever balance you have left would be as valuable as the kind of “banana money” that the Japanese printed in some of their conquered territories in South East Asia during World War 2.

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