I am not quite sure about you, but a name like the HTC Accord should remain as it is, instead of calling it a rather vague HTC 8X. It does make one wonder what happened to the preceding models which some might think to be the HTC 7X, HTC 6X, et cetera. Well, at least this was the latest bit of information gathered from a leaked copy of the HTC Accord’s (HTC 8X) quick start guide. This particular leak hailed from Twitter, so you might want to take this bit of news with a grain of salt, although it was the very same person who shared on the HTC Accord’s specifications prior.

The HTC Accord (HTC 8X) will be a Windows Phone 8-powered device, sporting the standard set of Windows Phone software buttons in addition to a volume rocker and notification LED as well as a dedicated camera button to boot. Purportedly carrying an 8-megapixel camera, we should expect HTC to step up and deliver an official announcement on the HTC 8X in due time, presumably right after the joint Microsoft and Nokia event.

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