It was just last week that HTC and Microsoft unveiled new Windows Phone devices, the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the HTC Windows Phone 8S. Given the moniker that HTC has chosen for their new Windows Phone devices, it showed off their close relationship with Microsoft that left many wondering if Nokia was still the favored one. Either way with the new devices and brand new striking designs (which some could mistake for Nokia devices upon first glance) and Microsoft’s blessing, we had to wonder if Nokia would take offense to that.

Well it seems that Nokia did not, at least not publicly and has since issued a rather diplomatic statement saying, “This [HTC announcement] is more good news for the Windows Phone ecosystem.” Given that the smartphone market is currently dominated by both iOS and Android, having more manufacturers in the mix for Windows Phone might encourage some diversity and offer more choices to customers who might not be satisfied with Nokia’s offering and could turn to HTC.

While it might seem that both Nokia and HTC are competitors, by increasing the variety of Windows Phone devices, it could also lead to a higher adoption rate, which at the same time could encourage more developers to create for the Windows Phone platform, ultimately leading Microsoft’s mobile platform to flourish and hopefully catch up to iOS and Android. In any case we guess we will probably need to see some sales figures to see whose phone is preferred, but until then, which do you guys prefer? Nokia or HTC’s latest Windows Phone offerings?

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