When gazing into the sky at nights, we are able to discern virtually infinite stars and heavenly bodies. But when watching with the bare eyes, we are not really able make out much difference between all these bodies, except that some are brighter than others.

NASA Hubble Telescope has been functional since 1990 and has been able to peer into the farthest and deepest parts of the universe. With time, and advanced equipment, the capabilities of Hubble have improved tremendously. A collection of the best Hubble photographs has now been compiled under the fold of eXtreme Deep Field, or XDF.

The resulting photograph gives us a fairly vivid view of the universe. It contains thousands of galaxies with a whole range of colors and contours and in many different sizes, with varying brightness.

NASA terms this the ‘deepest image of the universe ever taken’ which contains about 5500 galaxies within a very small field of view. Watching so many galaxies in a single image is indeed very overwhelming showing how populated our universe is.

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