iPhone 3GS discontinuation has been confirmed

Well  we guess this is pretty much a given, but according to the folks at Pocket-lint, it seems that Apple has confirmed to them that the iPhone 3GS has been discontinued and that they will not be restocking the unit once the remaining stock has been depleted. Given that the iPhone 3GS is 3 years old already, practically ancient by tech standards, it’s not a surprising move. Let’s not forget that the iPhone 4 8GB model has already taken its place as the “free” iPhone when you sign with a new two year contract with a carrier in the US. So if for whatever reason you still want to get your hands on the iPhone 3GS, we suggest you better move fast before they are sold out! The iPhone 3GS is also expected to receive the latest update to iOS 6 although not all of iOS 6’s features will be included due to certain limitations.

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