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iPhone 5 versus Canon EOS 5D MK III in camera shoot out

iphone 5 vs dslrWith our smartphone cameras these days being more than capable of replacing some point-and-shoot models, we’re sure that there are some who are wondering how our smartphone cameras will hold up against more professional DSLR cameras. Dustin Curtis of Svbtle decided to put Apple’s latest iPhone 5 to the test by holding an informal shoot with the Canon EOS 5D MK III, a $4,000 professional grade camera.

How did it fare? Surprisingly despite some pretty obvious flaws such as excessive noise on the photos taken by the iPhone 5, some lacking in detail and sharpness, it holds its own pretty well when resized to more popular formats for web viewing (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.). We doubt you will see iPhone 5s start replacing DSLRs in professional photo shoots anytime soon, but if you’ve always been curious as to how Apple’s latest iPhone measures up against a DSLR, head on over to Svbtle for the full sized photos.

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