It is rather sad that the world has yet to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, although in fictional environments, that particular endeavor has led the human world to be ruled by apes instead. Well, since we are more on the practical side of things, here we are with Keruve 2013, a new system from Vision that intends to prevent folks with Alzheimer’s disease from wandering around until they end up lost. The Keruve 2013 locater has been characterized for being the most effective system of protection against the risks of wandering developed to date, or at least that is what Vision claims. Granted, this is not the best looking medical device out there in the market, but if it is effective, the designers can work on its aesthetics later on.

The direct locator Keruve 2013 will comprise of a discrete GPS Watch with a safety lock
that the person affected with dementia wears, while a user friendly portable receiver will be used by the family to locate said person through a simple press of a button. Doing so will reveal the exact position of the patient on a map via the display, where it uses a quartet of positioning systems (SBAS-GPS, V-indoor, V-Cellid, T-GSM) so as not to be limited by range. There is no word on pricing as at press time, but you can set a couple of ranges (invisible fences, so to speak) of 200 meters and 500 meters.

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