Boy, don’t you think that everything is moving a little bit too quickly? I mean, Amazon has just rolled out their spanking new 7” Kindle Fire HD and the first update is already out, now how about that? Let me not even talk about how some other older smartphones (one year old thereabouts) are still waiting for their respective software updates, and nothing has happened except for some cobwebs forming around the room. There is not much word on what Amazon has fixed with the first software update for the Kindle Fire HD, but it’s support page does mention that this update ought to “optimize its performance and functionality”.

When translated to plain English, it could mean that Amazon has plans to offer fantastic software support to their new tablet, or the initial batch of Kindle Fire HDs have some sort of software gremlin running about that needs serious and immediate attention. I would gun for the former, considering how we have yet to hear from Kindle Fire HD owners about potential issues with their tablet. Make sure your Kindle Fire HD is updated to software version number 7.1.5 if you want to remain ahead of the bunch.

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