Do you remember how you spent hours trying to avoid barrels in Donkey Kong? Well, this classic platformer has gotten a revamp, nay, it has been transferred over into real life thanks to the efforts of avid DIY enthusiast Martin Raynsford, where this physical representation of a Donkey Kong level relies on an Arduino that will relay signals from the NES controller to the Donkey Kong “screen”. Constructed with near pixel-perfect accuracy thanks to the wonders of laser-cut parts, it is a beauty to behold albeit being rather limited at this point in time.

You will not be able to rack up high scores or anything of that sort since Mario remains smack in the middle, where he is there to face a continuous barrage of barrels and ball bearings to jump over. Torture for the rotund Italian plumber, that’s for sure, while his brother Luigi and Bowser shack it up with Princess Peach, taking turns between themselves. Martin claims that there is a second version in the works, and we certainly hope Mario will have some off time to live out his love life then, too.

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