While there are some users and developers who are looking forward to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system, there are those who aren’t, such as Valve’s Gabe Newell who referred to the upcoming platform as a “catastrophe”. It looks like Newell’s sentiments are shared by none other than Minecraft’s creator, Markuss Persson, also known as Notch. In a couple of Twitter updates, Persson revealed that Microsoft had approached him to certify Minecraft for Windows 8, which apparently he wasn’t too happy about. According to Persson:


“I’d rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way..”

Of course the game will still run on Windows 8, although that means that users would be technically running a piece of software that hasn’t been certified by Microsoft. What do you guys think? Is that really that big of a deal to you?

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