If you’ve always liked the idea of being able to seamlessly share your smartphone or tablet’s screen on a big screen TV without having to hook it up with messy cables, or perhaps stream what’s on your TV to your tablet while another program is playing, the WiFi Alliance is hoping to make that a reality by announcing a device certification program for the new Miracast wireless streaming standard. Basically what this does is that it aims to share both audio and video between devices that have been made by different manufacturers instead of having to rely on a sole manufacturer.

While this isn’t exactly a new concept, the WiFi Alliance is hoping to unify multiple devices together under a single standard instead of relying on proprietary technology (i.e. AirPlay). With the launch of this certification program, manufacturers can now apply to get their products approved, and current consumer products that have already been certified includes LG’s latest Optimus G smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Echo-P Series TV. Other big names that have thrown their support behind the Miracast standard include Intel, Broadcom, Realtek, Mediatek, NVIDIA, Sony Mobile, Marvell and Texas Instruments.

The WiFi Alliance also estimates that the number of Miracast-certified devices will exceed 1.5 billion in 2016. A rather lofty goal and one that we are hoping they will achieve. In the meantime you can get a better idea of what Miracast is about in the video above.

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