If you’ve always wanted an Android based computer, not a smartphone and not a tablet, well it seems like the folks in China might have lucked out as Motorola has officially revealed the Motorola HMC3260 “Cloud Broadband” home entertainment device. It appears to have launched for China’s market at the moment, and there is no word on whether it will be making its way into other markets like in the US, but we guess we’ll take a look at the specs first before letting you decide if this is a device you might want in the first place.

Featuring an 18.5” touchscreen display, the “Cloud Broadband” device will come with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. It has been designed to access on-demand video, online games, Android apps along with other cloud-based entertainment services, all of which are readily available in the US, so it won’t be too hard for Motorola to launch something similar stateside as well. Essentially what we have here could be thought of as an 18.5” tablet with a keyboard and mouse accessory, so what do you think? Would this be a product you might be interested in purchasing? [Press release]

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