Yes, we do know that folding bicycles makes life a whole lot easier when you take public transport, as your two wheeler can be comfortably carried without taking up too much space, but how about a folding electric bicycle? Now that is certainly a thought worth exploring in the form of the Neo Volt folding electric bicycle. Not exactly the newest idea on the block, but at least the Neo Volt does look to be more discreet than what we have seen in the market before. The Neo Volt folding electric bicycle claims to be “autonomous” up to a range of 90 km (56 miles), and we would take that claim under the impression that the person riding it will not need to move the pedal one bit in order to help its 250W motor achieve that rather impressive distance, and there is not a single hill or slope to climb, either. Needless to say, real world performance will probably not be able to stretch that far. Good news concerning the Neo Volt is this, it is superior over some of the other smartphones by virtue of having a removable battery so that you can charge it remotely.

The Neo Volt relies on a patented folding system that will boast of an intermediate “shortened” configuration so that it is easier for you to access public transport and elevators. A press of a button will let you set three fixed positions according to the manufacturer, but real world use will prove that true or not. The Neo Volt has a targeted release date of November 25th, where it will retail for €2,100 a pop.

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