iphoneplugYes, we do know that there are plenty of rumors going around that the new iPhone (which allegedly sports a new 4” display with 16:9 aspect ratio) will most probably be announced at the September 12th event later this month, in addition to carrying a new and smaller 9-pin connector. There are also some thoughts bandied about that this 9-pin connector will be similar in size to the microUSB plug, at least according to French site NowhereElse.fr.

There were photos offered up for eyeballs around the world that display a microUSB cable as well as the alleged new dock connector cable that hails from an anonymous source, and the startling thing was this – the size of both seem to be the same. It does seem as though the new 9-pin connector’s cable can be plugged into a device regardless of its orientation, making life slightly simpler since you no longer need to figure out just which side to plug it in. I guess there is no need to to fret too much, as all one needs to do is sit tight and wait.

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