Some of you guys might be familiar with Korean gaming company, NCsoft, who published ArenaNet’s popular Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 MMORPG. Well according to a Korean publication, JoongAng, it seems that NCsoft and Nexon, another Korean gaming company behind popular MMO MapleStory, are pooling their resources together in what appears to be an attempt to acquire Valve. Given Valve’s Steam platform which appears to be a pretty lucrative business, along with Valve’s own games such as Half-Life, Team Fortress and the likes, who wouldn’t want in on that action, right?

According to the report, executives from both NCsoft and Nexon have met up in Hawaii as part of an annual summit, discussing the proposal before and after the event. So far NCsoft has told Polygon that there is no truth to the rumor, while Nexon has declined to comment, but what do you guys think? Could there be any truth to this rumor and how would you feel if Valve did sell themselves off to either company?

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