Nissan uses tablet as instrumental panel in new Terra SUV concept car

The new Nissan Terra SUV concept car has something interesting that geeks would definitely fall in love with – this particular ride will rely on a tablet as its instrumental panel, now how about that? From the outside, the Terra SUV does seem to resemble the Nissan Juke although it relies on a trio of electric motors to drive the wheels, while a hydrogen fuel cell stack does the hard work of generating electricity. Good thing the tablet is removable from its place, otherwise there might be some folks with bad intention who could just break into your car just to remove your instrumental panel, er, tablet.

The tablet shows off a speedometer and energy usage when docked, and you can also use the tablet for infotainment purposes during those long and boring rides. Regardless of what you do with the tablet, it will always show off the car’s speed in a side-by-side display format. Just how would you want your SUVs to come in the future?

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