No iTV or new Apple TV in 2012?It is well known that Apple does not comment on rumors, but it was reported that an Apple executive allegedly denied an iTV rollout in the near future sometime last month. Well, you know how important it is to back up a story with facts, so here we are with whispers of a new report that also suggested the same thing. Bloomberg claimed that “a person familiar with [Apple's] plans” shared on how negotiations with media companies and cable providers seem to run into stumbling blocks, where among them include “a tussle for control over the software that determines the screen interface.”

To put it in a nutshell, Apple does not see eye to eye with media providers concerning on how the actual user experience is like, which does seem to offer some spine to our August story concerning the denial of any iTV or Apple TV rollout for this year at least. Knowing Apple, they would most probably be loathe to lease their set-top box via cable providers, and will instead prefer to sell it directly to users. Patience will reveal the clouded future for sure.

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