When you have a name like the Project Sausage Drone, you know for sure that those living under the flight path of the Project Sausage Drone will not stay hungry for long. After all, the second stage of the Project Sausage Drone was successfully tested as seen in the video above after some attempts, where one is able to parachute drop sausages to hungry boys and girls below.

The Project Sausage Drone did run into some troubles, where the main concern would be getting it to take to the skies. Other problems did cause multiple crashes as well, but there is nothing quite like perseverance to get the heart going and adrenaline pumping on the cusp of success. In the end, the Project Sausage Drone managed to drop sausages safely, and perhaps one might want to rethink the airframe that is currently built from foam sheet, glue and tape, and covered in office laminating film.

Future iterations of the Project Sausage Drone will include an Arduino autopilot which can communicate with Google Maps for route planning purposes, in addition to First Person View piloting gear- in the form of a tiny camera to capture all the action from a bird’s eye view. I don’t mind if it drops hamburgers, either.

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