It looks as though the humble TV remote control would be able to do more than help you surf through the hundreds of available channels, thanks to this Bluetooth-enabled robotic arm. Built by Darren for a high school project, it does not matter if your TV remote control is not one of those snazzy touchscreen models with Bluetooth-connectivity built in, as it will also play nice over a standard issue TV remote thanks to IR (infrared) capability.

Of course, if you happen to own a smartphone that has Bluetooth support, why not? It ought to work seamlessly with the right kind of software installed on your handset. A robotic arm is always far safer to conduct experiments from afar, especially the dangerous ones that have a higher risk of combusting right in front of your face. Just don’t get fused to the robotic arm in the event of an accident ala Dr. Octopus, although you would look pretty weird with this stuck to some part of your body.

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