Rovio has been gearing up to present the pig’s side of the story. Earlier this year, the company announced that there’s more to the ‘Angry Birds’ story than flinging birds on to the pigs. And that it’s time for us to see the ‘pigger’ picture. We already know that the game is set to launch for Android, iOS, PC and Mac on September 27th.

Rovio has now released a video which gives a first sneak peek at the actual gameplay of ‘Bad Piggies.’ The game-developer is known for producing physics games and Bad Piggies is no exception to that.

The new video shows that the gameplay comprises of building different ‘vehicles’ for the pigs so that they can climb up to places and steal the eggs. Whereas ‘Angry Birds’ came with only few possible options, Bad Piggies is going to feature ‘infinite possibilities.’

You can create the oddest kinds of vehicles, flying or simply rolling about, as long as they carry the pigs along. From the looks of this game, it appears that we may have another smashing hit in the world of mobile gaming.

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