It was slightly more than a week ago when we reported that the mysterious Samsung i9260 handset could very well be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and needless to say, it will carry the name “Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2” for continuity’s sake. It seems that the handset’s existence has just been further confirmed with a leaked set of images appearing on Picasa, where those were touted to be snapped by the Samsung i9260 – or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, if you will.

The photos are nothing to shout at, and chances are, they were snapped using a very early prototype assuming that they are not fake in the first place. Of course, bear in mind that the next generation of Nexus smartphones could also be produced by other manufacturers such as HTC, Sony and LG, and will not remain exclusively as a Samsung domain. Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 will be able to hold its own against the rest of the smartphone crowd?

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