The portable media player can be said to be a “dead” segment, with smartphones these days more or less taking over your portable entertainment needs. I mean, why carry around two devices when a single smartphone is powerful enough to handle your music and video on-the-go while making and receiving calls? Battery life might be an issue for the frequent traveler who might not have easy access to a power outlet, but other than that, for majority of the folks out there, a dedicated portable media player is not at the top of one’s wish list. Samsung’s latest patent that was granted to them might shift the balance of power somewhat, where it talks about a camera which also doubles up as a multimedia player, albeit with a detachable portable media player unit, now how about that?

This component will hold the display as well as have a separate internal memory segment, but also carries the important multimedia module to allow the camera to record movies. This patent was applied half a decade ago, so such a device might never arrive on the market, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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