Some of us might be familiar with Sharp’s Plasma-cluster Ion technology which can be found in their range of refrigerators, humidifiers, and washing machines amongst others, which is touted to turn the air around that particular piece of consumer electronics sterile, which results in nasty bacteria dying so that one has cleaner and purer air to breathe. Good thing this patented technology has now arrived on their new range of office photocopiers which will sport a rather hefty Plasma-cluster ion emitting unit that is affixed to the top.

According to Sharp, their marketing pitch goes something like this, “Because the workplace is where people spend so much of their time, we want to devote our energy to improving the quality of their air they breathe.” Hmmm, I am not quite sure how many folks got sick hanging around the photocopier machine while carrying out a conversation, but you can never be too paranoid, can you? After all, if it kills the T-Virus, I’m all up for a photocopier like this.

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