Aerial photography is nothing novel. It has been used in drones for quite some time and Google used it extensively for its mapping service, Google Maps. However, until now, aerial photography has exclusively been the domain of commercial enterprises or governmental bodies.

The design of the Sky View camera aims to abolish this norm by envisioning a camera which can take aerial photographs and is meant for common users. The camera has a beautiful design, much like a flower and it rises into the air to take photographs from mid-air.

Details about the camera are scarce but from its design, we can discern that it can easily rotate 180 degrees to capture photographs from different angles. Moreover, the design speaks of an ‘Auto Shot’ mode which may be used to capture photographs after a given interval.

The usefulness of the camera is certainly undeniable. Imagine hovering two or three of these Sky View cameras right above your next party and having them snap photographs automatically. That eliminates that need to have proper, human photographers on the scene.

However, if this concept is ever materialized into a real product, it may have to face the nagging privacy issues. A camera ‘floating in the air’ may as well peek into the neighbor’s and take unsolicited photographs.

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