Let us take stock of the Sony NEX-6 situation at the moment – what do we know about this upcoming shooter? For starters, we have seen leaked images of it in the past, and there were whispers of it sporting smartphone compatibility. Even as we put rumors aside for the moment, above is the latest leaked shot of the Sony NEX-6, thanks to photography workshop director Vincent Kang. This mirrorless camera was seen posing with two desirable 24mm and 50mm lenses in tow, making it a mid-range mirrorless shooter that most probably will lack the kind of dedicated control delivered by the Sony NEX-7, and yet it still sports an electronic viewfinder, a pop-up flash as well as a dedicated function key that is located near the shutter release.

Not only that, the dedicated mode dial will also be placed in a far more conspicuous area so that you will not miss it. The Sony NEX-6 looks set to settle in the sweet spot for those who want more than what the NEX-5R delivers, so all we need to do now is sit tight and wait for Sony to make the shooter official. Patience is, after all, a virtue.

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