I know that it is not April Fool’s Day just yet, but this does not mean we should get on with our lives in a humdrum manner, does it? Square Enix shows the world that they do have a sense of humor, having unveiled an elaborate prank known as the Final Fantasy Dating Game. This particular faux dating game was set in the world of Final Fantasy Type 0, where you can check out a rather elaborate presentation of it in a video that had since been blocked due to copyright grounds. To put it in a nutshell, you play the role of Khalia Chival XXVI (descendant of Khalia Chival VI), who is a young Agito candidate as well as the first ever female student at a magic academy that is teeming with drop dead gorgeous.

Relying on the series’ trademark Active Time Battle (ATB) system in order to run the dating simulation that targets the female audience, you get new “AT” systems which range from “Active Time Talk” to “Active Time Lesson” and, most importantly, “Active Time Kiss.” What do you think of such a title, if there were to be enough fans clamor for a real world release? Will Square Enix relent?

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